The first thing you notice about Ally is her amazing eyes and cheeky smile. Her makeup was on point, with a lightly smokey eye and bold red lips which beautifully complimentary her up-style, all by the talented Mel. We had such a lovely and relaxed afternoon, that started with looking through all the amazing clothes she … Continued

During a recent chat with a friend, it was pointed out to me that my approach to my art nude, boudoir and pregnancy photography sessions was akin to the ‘slow movement’ – I was intrigued…. What is the slow movement? On most days, if you’re anything like me, everyday is a series of fast-paced challenges. … Continued

Ever since looking at milk bath maternity photographs I have been very keen to try this style. Luckily, one of my clients, Ms J, also loved the idea of floating in a milk bath! We decided on a two part session, starting with milk bath photography and then moving outdoors to the forrest and sea 😊 … Continued

What is art nude photography? The definition of ‘art nude’ can vary wildly, as its so subjective. What I call ‘art nudes’ are the kind of photographs you would see in an art photography magazine. These photographs are usually strong and dynamic. Art Nude photography is usually far less sensual than boudoir photography. These depictions commonly … Continued

Goolwa Beach is one of my favourite South Australian beaches. Its a stunning piece of coastline, that can be calm one moment, and wild the next. The opportunity to conduct a pregnancy photography session at this beach was an exciting opportunity. Starting off in the studio with Ms B and her partner was a wonderful … Continued

I love sessions that incorporate both boudoir and art nude photography. Ms H’s session was the perfect blend of these two different photo styles.   Ms H has a fantastic sense of humour, which filled the session with lots of laughter. During regular tea breaks we had some lovely talks about our lives and body image. … Continued

I am a huge fan of vintage lingerie, so when Ms M mentioned that she was bringing a few of these items to her boudoir photography session I was pretty excited! Not only did she bring an amazing selection of lingerie from the 60’s and 70’s, but some recent ‘Dita Von Teese’ lingerie styles. Cue squeals of … Continued

I thought it was time that I started to experiment a little more with high key lighting for my art nude photography. Typically I opt for a low key lighting style, because I love the way that you can subtly paint in parts of the body with light and allow the rest of the body melt into … Continued

Why choose fine art nude photography? Fine art nude photography captures the way in which our bodies are an ever evolving notebook of our lives. Our bodies tell intricate stories about ourselves; how we move, the way we rest, how we smile and laugh, where we have pain, they hold our battle scars, marks from nurturing … Continued

Theres something wonderful about creating images that celebrate the body and that are full of personality. We chose low key photography lighting as its subtlety particularly suited Jen’s vintage inspired ‘do’ (seriously glam!). The beautiful shawl Jen is wearing she actually crafted herself!  The shawl has amazing detail and is intricately laced with tiny delicate beads. During the session we sipped … Continued